Merrikin Engineering provides a wide variety of civil engineering services, a sampling of which is summarized below. Please contact us for more information on our services.



• Development Assessments and Studies: Deciding how to develop a piece of property (or simply trying to find out if your property is developable) can be a daunting process and involve numerous and complex permitting issues. Merrikin Engineering can advise you by studying your property, researching regulatory impacts and requirements and preparing conceptual development sketches so that you can better understand the value of your property.

• Commercial Site Design: Commercial property development includes a host of permitting requirements involving Zoning Boards of Appeal, Planning Boards, Conservation Commissions, Sewer & Water Commissions, and Boards of Health. Merrikin Engineering has designed and permitted many commercial sites, from small bank branches and drive-thru restaurants to large office and warehouse complexes.

• Subdivision Design: Merrikin Engineering has designed many commercial, industrial and residential subdivisions, ranging in size from two lots to more than 50 lots. These projects often require the preparation of preliminary study plans, Preliminary Subdivision Plans and Definitive Subdivision Plans.

• Lot Development: While new lots within a subdivision require Subdivision approval, new lots fronting on existing roadways can be created through the much simpler “ANR” process (approval-not-required).

• Roadway and Utility System Design: Whether in a new subdivision or on a private site, roadway and utility design includes many design issues such as proper layout of roads, sidewalks and accessible ramps, grading, sewer system design and water system design.

• Stormwater Management System Design: Stormwater management is an ever-expanding design field with many new regulatory requirements being implemented by state, federal and local muncipalities. Merrikin Engineering has extensive experience with stormwater management design and permitting requirements.

• Wetlands Permitting: Merrikin Engineering provides permitting and planning services for work in proximity to wetlands.

• Construction Assistance: Merrikin Engineering can assist you with construction services such as specification preparation, shop-drawing review, construction inspections and preparation of EPA Construction General Permit Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

• Expert Witness Services: The partners at Merrikin Engineering provide expert witness services for land-use related litigation and provide expert witness testimony at trial.

• Single-Family House Design: Although seemingly simple, the construction of a new house or the renovation of an older house can trigger several design and permitting regulations such as the need for plot plans, stormwater infiltration system designs, and wetlands permitting issues.




With our extensive experience and history, Merrikin Engineer has developed an excellent rapore with municipal officials. At Merrikin Engineering we pride ourselves on our attention to the needs, goals, and objectives of each of our clients.

Merrikin Engineering employs the latest software and design tools to ensure high quality of design and presentation. These clear, crisp, and professional drawings improve the efficiency of review by the local boards and officials and are easy to interpret during construction. In addition, we transfer our drawings to our vendors electronically, rather than by paper, to keep your project moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our final project can be delivered to you and to appropriate town agencies either electronically, with full-color copies, or both.


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